The Dyers

Jonah Lisa Dyer & Stephen Dyer
Events Calendar

December 19: 6:30pm Book Club Visit - Teton Valley, ID



November 5: 2:30pm at TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL in Austin, TX. YA HQ Tent, 10th and Congress

Twice Upon a Time
They say there are no new stories under the sun, but there are new ways to tell favorite tales. From the Snow Queen to Romeo and Juliet to the world of Jane Eyre, Danielle Paige, Guadalupe Garcia McCall and Jonah Lisa & Stephen Dyer talk writing new takes on the classics. Moderator: Jennifer Ziegler.  Signing to follow in the Main Signing Tent

November 14: 7pm Book Club Visit - Teton Valley, ID


October 27:

12pm at Compass Academy High School.  Presentation: Retelling the Classics 

6pm at Barnes & Noble Grand Teton Mall, Idaho Falla, ID. Reading & Signing. 


September 23:

10am at Bishop Kelly High School. Presentation: Retelling the Classics

3pm at Boise High School. Presentation: Retelling the Classics

7pm at REDISCOVERED BOOKS in Boise, ID. Discussion & Signing.



August 4: 6pm at Valley of the Tetons Library in Driggs, ID. Reading & Signing.

August 13: 6pm at Barnes & Noble in Boise, ID. Reading & Signing.


JULY 2016

July 11: 7pm at HALF-PRICED BOOKS FLAGSHIP STORE in Dallas, TX. Launch Party!

July 12:  RELEASE DAY!  6-8pm at BARNES & NOBLE in Southlake, TX.

July 14: BOOK PEOPLE in Austin TX. Reading & signing

July 16: 1pm at BARNES & NOBLE INGRAM FESTIVAL in San Antonio, TX. Reading & signing

July 23: 7pm at BRAZOS BOOKS in Houston, TX. Reading & signing

Author Visits

We love talking about books, films and our writing process.  We also love teaching what we know about writing to children and adults. We’re happy to do traditional readings, speak generally about the process of writing screenplays and books or teach about writing in a more structured way. Some of our favorite topics to discuss are: where ideas come from, writing as a team, how to build a story sandwich, and how to write modern fiction from classic stories.

If you’re interested in inviting us to speak at your library or school please contact us at about rates & availability.

We’re also happy to do free visits with students & book clubs via Skype.