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Away & Back

A Hallmark Hall of Fame Original Movie. When a family of Trumpeter Swans make their home on the Peterson farm pond, it’s love at first sight for 10-year-old daughter Frankie. But when Ginny Newsom, a no-nonsense wildlife biologist rushes in to save the majestic birds, it’s dislike at first sight for Frankie’s dad Jack. As everyone watches nature’s plan unfold for the swans, Frankie and her brothers also observe changes in the relationship between their widowed father and the strong-willed Ginny. Could that be romance in the air?

All told, it’s a sweet story that will appeal to those who love beautiful settings, happy endings and 10-year-olds with the bravery to think there’s nothing in the world they can’t do.

Rob Hedelt

Film Critic

It is time to celebrate.  The real Hallmark Hall of Fame is back. After too many years of silly comedies and soapy romances this special event of television has returned to the hallmark of what it once represented — good, enjoyable family entertainment. The show that brings it back is Away & Back, an original movie that is both endearing and enjoyable.

Jackie Cooper

Film Critic, Huffington Post

The film is a fantastic throwback to the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies of old.  Not only is it a fantastic movie for family viewing, but it’s also a great film for people who long for a time when movies like this dominated the mainstream.

Matt Norcross

Film Critic

If you want a sweet, sensitive, and charming movie, this is it.

Francine Brokaw

Film Critic

Swan Safe Power Line Project

We’re gearing up to raise funds for a second project to save Trumpeter Swans by burying power lines around key habitat.  This time our focus is on Miller’s Pond, the pond in Teton Valley, Idaho that inspired the story of Away & Back.  We’ll include a link to make donatations when we’ve got all our swans in a row.  For now, click through to learn more about the project and the amazing work done on Texas Slough in Rexburg, Idaho last year.


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