We’re still 6 months out from the release of The Season so the American Library Association’s Mid-winter meeting and exhibit in Boston this past week was not really on my radar.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed a familiar shock of pink tulle in the very back of this picture of Ruta Sepetys’ Salt to the Sea display at the Penguin Classroom booth!


I don’t think they actually handed out many copies, it’s still pretty early for us and there are lots of great books being released this winter & spring that are getting the push from Viking & Penguin right now, but who cares!  The gears are definitely in motion!   And it’s the first time I’ve seen The Season (just the ARC, but still…) out in the world acting like a real book–sitting up straight on the shelf with its best manners on display!


Actually, she looks a little bored, doesn’t she?  Like she’s sick of waiting.  Me too, book, me too.

What’s even more amazing than getting little peeks of my book at ALA, is that there are book bloggers & librarians in the world who are aware of The Season and admittedly “geeking out” over it!  Since I’ve been geeking out over it for more than a year it feels great to finally have a little company.

Everyone looked like they had an amazing time.  It’s like a book treasure bath!  I can’t help but fantasize about going to the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando in June.  We’ll be a month from release and I’ll be ready to party!